Yelena Smirnova

Yelena Smirnova is a floral corsage and accessories designer and creator. The website to showcase Yelena’s work needed to be minimalist in approach and simple to update with the ability to create custom galleries when required and to update them in a simple fashion. Yelena Smirnova is renowned for her exquisite floral creations and her website had to reflect this.

After studying the images of the beautiful accessories we were provided with, we decided upon an image based site that had little extraneous information that would detract from the visual effect of Yelena’s creations.

As you may have guessed, we chose WordPress for its simplicity and ease of use by the client. The result is a clean look which focuses on Yelena’s accessories creations.

From Yelenas lips

Each floral accessory takes hours of workmanship to create. Each is made with meticulous precision in a craft based on antique tools. Every single petal, stamen and leaf is sculpted with skill. This is an art form that stretches back over centuries.

The finest silk, chiffon and organza are expertly used for a romantic and sensual look. From flamboyant poppies and hrizantems to delicate roses and daisies, the result is fresh and modern with a nod to vintage design.

Our services included

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