Located close to central London, we are an award winning web design and development agency specialising in website design, web development, e-commerce and IT integrations. Our experienced team of professional web developers offer our london customers the combined weight of decades of digital agency experience. We are proud to service a wide range of fantastic clients working across all industries in London and the surrounding areas. Digital innovation, web design, web development and cutting-edge technology are at the heart of everything we do here in our London offices.


Look no further than Active Webdezign Ltd for all your web development requirements. Our London based team understands the website design implications of the mobile revolution, as well as the crucial importance of SEO in maximising your online presence and bringing new customers to your website.

In over 20 years in the London based web design and development industry, we have attained an excellent reputation for professionalism, integrity and customer service. The needs of your business and your customers are the yardsticks by which we measure the success of all our web development and branding assignments.

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Excellence in design and programming is at the heart of all we do, but we do far more than simply a run-of-the-mill websites. We are a full-service digital design & development agency, offering an extensive range of design and IT services to businesses looking for marketing IT solutions in London. These include:

  • professional web design and web development services
  • web development and integrations
  • branding and graphic design
  • e-commerce website design
  • bespoke CMS development
  • Fully adaptive Mobile 1st website design
  • Copywriting, proof reading and content creation services
  • graphic design
  • SEO and digtal marketing services (via our third party partners)


Our team are committed to pushing the limits of originality in website design and development, leading the pack of London digtial agencies in terms of quality, customer service, innovation and attention to detail.

Are you looking for a fresh approach to webdev? Don’t settle for the stale old solutions peddled by our competitors. For a custom-designed website honed to the needs of your business get in touch with our team today. Simply give us a call at our London office on +44 (0) 20 8446 1515 or contact a web developer through our online contact form.

Quality & Reliability

We operate tried and tested expert teams of experienced web designers, developers and DevOps engineers who bring over to you easily scaleable industry expertise and can predict technical challenges and develop optimal solutions for your business requirements. We connect tracking and analytics systems to maximise use of your performance data.

UK Customer Support

We have served hundred of clients over our 23 years of experience. Our ongoing clients stay with us for immediate and timely support, problem-solving and proactive advice. We build custom solutions and write custom code where necessary. We treat all of our clients with great personal care and are always available for face to face meetings in our offices in London.

Performance Metrics

We run thorough internal QA using specialist developers tools. We optimise performance of all solutions we build to ensure top scores with Search Engines and silk-smooth User Experience. Your projects are released from our staging servers in a turn-key manner so that you can focus on what you do best: your customers, your people and your products.

Web design London & Ecommerce website design

Whether it’s only a website or an integrated online e-commerce system we can help you. We have over 20 years experience in helping businesses develop their presence online and user engagement functionality. A dedicated team based in central London that can assist you in creating a package that is both bespoke and affordable, whatever your requirements. If you are looking for a professional web design and web development company with years of experience, then you have found the perfect partners.

We Googled for a web design company in London and found their listing. After much consideration, we decided to go with Webdezign. We have never been so happy that we did. Thanks for all your help guys.
Wendy – The Certini Bike Store, Cornwall

The world of web design and web development and the associated IT services, can be filled with jargon and acronyms. It may be that you don’t have a clear idea of what it is, your website needs. At Active Webdezign we understand that not everyone talks in geek speak, and may not know their Magento from their WordPress and that’s OK!!!

With a range of skills to offer, including Web Design, Web Development, Development Operations, Custom Code, Integrations, Social Media, Landing Pages, Content Management Systems, Digital Growth Marketing, Copywriting, Page Speed & Performance Optimisation, SEO, PPC, our team of web specialists will help you to achieve your objectives and guide you through the entire process.

Using specialist tools to design, develop, host and optimise your website, we will show you how to unlock the potential of your business online and, how to connect with customers from all four corners of the world.

If you don’t know what you need to find the ideal solution by the right web design and web development company, we will listen to your business objectives and provide free initial advice to help you realise your goals.

If you fancy checking out some of our work, have a look at our web design portfolio and testimonials from our customers.

  • Do you trade online and require an eCommerce website solution and ERP integrations?
  • Maybe you’d like a website you can change frequently with some help from WordPress?
  • Are you looking at creating a high-performance website for Mobile users, or a Web App perhaps?
  • Or could it be that your website is calling for an experienced web dev team to give it a new lease of life?
Free Usage Image Bank - Web design company London Free Usage Image Bank

This is the latest development for Good Textures a website which offers royalty free, free images.

Online Tuition - Web design company London Online Tuition

WordPress with Moodle mash up

Dogs Charity - Web design company London Dogs Charity

Part pro bono project we designed and developed as our yearly contribution to local charities.

Private GP  Services - Web design company London Private GP Services

WordPress custom re-branding and support

Pharmaceutical Distributors - Web design company London Pharmaceutical Distributors

Corporate WordPress development secured by SSL

Ergonomic Furniture - Web design company London Ergonomic Furniture

Our long and ongoing relationship with Back2 continues with a brand new, mobile and tablet responsive bespoke designed website. The web design and functionality built into this system cannot compare to an off the shelf Magento Theme.

Fire Investigators Web App - Web design company London Fire Investigators Web App

Fire investigators check list web app.

Custom Kitchen Design - Web design company London Custom Kitchen Design

The custom web design we produced for Neil Lerner was second to none, ensuring that the user was presented with the high quality kitchens produced by Neil Lerner that stood out and shone. Custom web design projects really allows for some free reign on the design.

Wedding Hair Accessories - Web design company London Wedding Hair Accessories

Yelena Accessories is a bespoke and hand crafted wedding accessories specialist website, designed bespoke from the ground up.

Web Design Partners

Web Design London, UK

We are Active Webdezign: a web development company with two London locations, in Central and North London.

Since we set up the studio in North London in 1999, the World Wide Web has come a long way and so have we, with a second office location in the heart of central London we can now offer central London clients an option to meet and discuss their projects at a more convenient location.

Whilst recalling the sweet song of a vintage dial-up modem during the Dot Com Boom; it is easy to become nostalgic about the Internet in its early days. However, we believe we’re only just seeing the tip of the iceberg; of what those fibre optic cables on the seabed and skyward-pointing satellites are capable of.

As the world becomes smaller, web developers need to think bigger, helping you unlock the potential of your business to connect with customers from all four corners of the universe.

Whatever online services you need, we are affordable local experts to help guide you through what can be a confusing IT landscape.

Using cutting edge tools, we will turn your digital presentation and selling ideas to reality.

By creating a package that’s bespoke to your organisation, we can provide a range of services depending on your needs, ranging from Front-End Web Development, Custom Code, Systems Integrations, Content Management, E-Commerce Solutions, Performance Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads Campaigns, Performance Social Marketing, Web Analytics, Tracking Dashboards, Web and Mobile Applications Development, Database Management, Webhosting, DevOps, User Experience (UX) Planning, User Interface (UI) Design, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity guidelines and even Integrated Brand Planning for Online and Non-Digital.

Not sure what you need? We’ll listen to your business objectives and provide free advice to help you realise your goals.

Client Web Requirements Worksheet

To help you and us identify your online objective, we have prepared a client worksheet as a guide. It will clarify in your mind what you are looking to achieve, and help us to pin down the best web design, functionality and ongoing support for your particular requirements.

Fill in the questionnaire

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