Westminster Financial Planners

We where contacted by Mike Beckwith the Managing Director at Westminster Financial Planners. They wanted to create a quarterly newsletter sheet that got sent out to all their clients. Telling them about news in the industry while at the same time soft selling new services and or upselling services.

Financial Planners don’t have a reputation for being very fun so Mike wanted us to try and portray them as a bit more lively than the stuffy old stereotype. We choose to use active imagery, bold colours for each quarters newsletter. A fun idea we came up with was the passing it on section, this went down very well with the clients of WestminsterFP.

We have a wonderfully diverse and interesting mix of clients, many of whom are involved in interesting projects or give their time and talents to good causes.

We wanted to devote this section of our newsletter to sharing our client’s stories, and would be very grateful if you would be willing to participate.

newsletter_april-1 newsletter_april-2

Second copy of the newsletter sent out to all clients of Westminster Financial Planners

newsletter02-1 newsletter02-2

First issue of the quarterly newsletter

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