Saud and Co.

Saud &Co. is a company that deals with corporate and company liquidations. The website we created for Saud & Co. manages insolvency cases which allows approved creditors to access the case area on the website which provides them with up to date information and documents for any particular case. This application has enabled creditors of any such case to be in touch and receive the latest updates and information form Saud & Co. who may have been selected to mange the insolvency of any particular bankruptcy.

This was a fully bespoke design coupled with a customised WordPress application which was developed from scratch and to the exact requirements that Saud & Co. required. The administration was crucial to be developed for the ease of updating and adding the cases to the system for the creditors to access easily. The content management system also controls the content of the static pages and allows for newsletter/news articles to be added to the site regularly. Being built on a responsive template, ensures that users can access the website from any mobile or tablet device without having to zoom in or adjust the view on the various devices.

The vast experience and expertise of our in-house team in both corporate and individual recovery will lead you in the right direction and will ensure that matters are dealt with promptly and efficiently.


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