S9 Muses

S9muses.co.uk startup is one of our latest clients who required an eCommerce website design constructed utilising the all new Magento 2 (community edition) platform and which is built upon a premium theme, customised and branded exclusively for S9muses. We also advised and provided a blog/article section to help introduce new content via articles and blogs written around the keywords and phrases they are looking to optimise the website for.

There designer clothing range is aimed at a niche, young designer aware Asian target audience. The target market was identified and has been used to target them over the various social media platforms such as Facebook aiming at the demographics identified in the initial research. We have also provided SEO services through one of our partners who is working with the client to improve their organic search engine visibility. The website was built to support all mobile and tablet devices, what we call a responsive web design.

Muses designers

Sales are already coming through and the client has also taken on our monthly support and maintenance contract to enable them to make improvements, design new banners and new features to help keep the site remain fresh and updated regularly.

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