Reading Glasses eCommerce

Reading Glasses Direct is one of our own eCommerce side projects. We built upon an initial relationship with our primary supplier who we did some web and graphic design work for over the years. They offered to drop ship products for us directly from their warehouse upon orders coming through the website which we initial built as a trial. It was soon quite apparent that selling off the shelf reading glasses could be a viable and profitable eCommerce project.

The website was built from the start with optimisation in mind, structuring the categories and the products in a way that came about from researching the top keywords working back from them. For example we found that “men’s reading glasses” was a popular search term so we built the category structuring around our findings. We now benefit from the website being on page one, often at the very top of Google’s organic search results for the search term “men’s reading glasses” as well as some other primary keywords.

This is the third website we have now completed for this project, the last of which is a fully responsive version which boasts full support for all types of smart phone and tablet devices. We were quite astounded at the proportion of visitors coming to the site using a mobile or tablet device, in fact the figure is almost 50% and this has translated into a much higher conversion/sales rate since we developed the responsive design.

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