QRI Consulting

QRi Consulting (formerly CRAM International® & QiQ International®) specialises in International Qualitative & QualiQuant® Research and has over 25 years experience, both in-person and online, with a network of partners worldwide. QRi Consulting have a very high profile set of clients include Bentley, Audi, Esso, Lotus, Nokia, Philips, GlaxoSmithKline, Versace, Royal Mail and many many more!

How we helped QRi Consulting

Our aim was to bring there rapidly ageing and neglected website back up to 21st century standards. Providing them with a platform to house all their content which they can control fully themselves was a breath of fresh air for them. They had previously had to request all changes be done from their last provider which took ages for them to respond if they ever did.

Simon Paterson who is the director of QRi Consulting was so pleased to have a company local that he could pop in and meet with rather than a company that could only be reached by emails. Since they were also in a hurry to get the new site up and running in time for some trade shows we put this through as an express service and was completed ready to launch in only four weeks.

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