PACE.Integration WordPress for IT


PACE is an organisation based on working with intercommunication between the system and the people or machines by using advanced technology through a website by WordPress for IT consultants. They have been operating in this industry for over 10 years, working with a range of corporate clients worldwide. Their niche concept offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to set up or relocate to new offices. PACE Integration will organise, draw up specifications and install the entire IT infrastructure for their client’s specific requirements.

As a technology based company, our graphic and web designers worked hard to produce a bespoke, professional and user-friendly website utilising WordPress as the base platform and CMS (content management system). This includes a few dynamic entrances and animations around the site, a full width four page slider, handy contact icons and many easy to read info-graphs. Although it being fairly challenging, we were determined to provide the widgets and plugins available to suit PACE Integration uniquely and accurately. Our senior web developer optimised the WordPress system to work smoothly and quickly whilst giving enough flexibility for the client to make effective changes easily.

The end result had a very warm reception from the clients, responding that we had brought their vision to reality. The new design was also distributed amongst the client’s focus group that also gave it a 5-star rating. Working with Rajesh and Tom was a delight since they are also familiar with the IT industry, they helped to come up with some project management tools, such as a content collaboration system, that allowed our clients to comment feedback and deliver responses to us in a very structured and efficient way.

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