London Doctors Clinic Re-Brand and Support

The London Doctors Clinics currently have 15 GP clinics around the central London area who provide private doctors services. They have a very busy site which is crucial to have up and running 24/7 without any issues. They had been looking for a new development company to depend on for their daily requirements in terms of design and user experience improvements as well as new features being developed from the ground up.

Our first major task was to run some routine WordPress security updates, patches and plugin upgrades as they where out of date and risked the site being compromised if the work was not done as a matter of urgency. Initially we had to familiarise ourselves with their preferred deployment routine. They requested that we utilised GitHub for version control and quality checking on their test server first, before pushing it to the live site. We also had to deploy any new release late at night when their website was relatively quiet. During the day may disturb their bookings and judging by the amount of daily bookings could end up being very costly to the company.

The next major piece of work was a re-design which had been on the books for quite a while, but had not been in a position to give this to their previous development team. We took the brief and started work, the end result was an all newly branded and improved website. We are currently working on an all new corporate section as they offer corporate health package solutions to larger companies, including the BBC, Cosmopolitan magazine, the Times newspaper as well as many more already using their corporate health services.

We now continue to support and apply new updates on a weekly basis and our relationship with this client has continued to flourish. Our aim is to keep improving the site as well as maintain and keep the site secure and running constantly without any downtime.

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