LockDown Radio

LockDown radio is a local community radio station based in South London, but who also broadcast out, to the entire world via their internet radio station. They have an impressive line up of DJ’s that present their reggae, soul and funk music shows. We were asked to take over just their hosting originally, but then we agreed that the site was in need of a total re-build and a new logo was also going to be a good idea to freshen up the brand. We got to work right away on the logo re-design and setup a staging site to start on the new WordPress development. Within a few hours the new logo was created and signed off, they were extremely please with the quickness and the quality of the work produced.

Setting up the website was the next step for us, having worked out the site map and new content required, we quickly set out to work. Again, in just a few days we released the first draft version on our test server for the clients to evaluate, which they were very happy with. After the initial design and layout had been signed off, we put our heads down and populated the website with all their DJ profiles, gallery and written content that they had provided. Soon after the site was ready to launch and launch it did, with a massive party to mark the event. Since the website has a live feed directly from their studio so that all the music can be heard via the website, the traffic of listeners coming to the site has had a big growth spout with now more then 7,000 listeners tuning in at any one time.

Another nice touch we implemented onto the new website was to integrate a Google calendar into the schedule page, so adding and removing a DJ slot would be easy to manage directly from the Google calendar. We have also been asked to make weekly updates and improvements on a retainer basis, which we are always happy to do.

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