Linda Burns

At the initial meeting with Linda Burns she brought with her a large selection of her portfolio images spread throughout several CD’s and DVD’s along with thumbnail printouts of the images she wanted to exhibit on the website.

The brief was to display the high quality make up and editorial images in a very minimalist way whilst ensuring that they would be quick to load, as her target audience are high end magazine editors who don’t have much time to wait for website pages to load. Her website examples that she liked where all based on Flash technology. We tried to avoid in this in our development, as Flash websites often have a lag whilst loading the files as well as not allowing for any high level of search engine ranking.

The result was that we built the site entirely on HTML and pure CSS (great for search engines finding the website) whilst keeping the site looking as though it was made in Flash, with a clean and innovative moving interface along with an easy to manage content management system is was not long until Linda’s website was complete and up and running.

Linda Burns is a busy lady so she had also requested that we could initially help her populate the site with the images, which we were happy to do as an extra charged service. This allowed Linda to view the website in its entirety prior to going live and only have to make adjustments to the running order of the images which she could do within our custom built content management system.

From here on, Linda is able to upload any new images herself and therefore keep her website up to date and current. We were very happy that the website turned out to be so different designwise, since the requirements where quite specific and the look that Linda was looking for was very modern and out of the box.

When I decided to completely redo my web site it was very important that I found a company that understood my very precise vision and needs.  Thankfully these guys translated it perfectly. Having worked within the fashion and design industry myself, I’m quite a demanding customer.  The perfect site materialized so quickly and without even a glitch. …Highly recommended.

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