The IPS Brief

The Institute of Professional Sound (IPS) required a website portal which would allow their members to connect with colleagues, interact with the organisation and access an archive of information. The site was also intended to assist IPS in carrying out the administration of their membership via customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Our challenge was to combine these various requirements with a practical content management system (CMS) and a user friendly front end design to create a seamless user experience. Overall, the site had to be simple to use and easy to manage.

The Design and Development of IPS

We began by working with the client to prepare a wireframe of the site map, marking all the main sections and sub pages with notes detailing what each page would display and how it would function. Through this method, we were able to identify the key aspects of the new site whilst keeping the whole static page structure and any off site links in mind.

We also devised ways in which to achieve their individual aims, including:

  • Articles: to allow IPS to display a range of information and offer their members access to their archives in an accessible way.
  • Wiki’s: this software allows users to create content and edit web pages, perfect for IPS as it would let their members interact with their organisation and other members via the web portal.

As with all projects of this size and complexity, there were a variety of ways to achieve the client’s different aims, some more effective than others. When it came to member management, we initially chose one method, but found that it did not fulfill the brief appropriately. Mindful of the client’s timescales, our team of developers put their heads together and found an alternative solution, a key factor in the success of the project.

The Result

The end product, www.IPS.org.uk, is a comprehensive, multi-functional website with a clean, modern front end design, thus appealing to all the target groups. Meanwhile, the back end administration area is a bespoke, flexible system, allowing IPS to manage subscription payments, members’ details, website content and user profiles as well as their extensive library of information.

Since launching IPS, we resolved some bugs which emerged, something which is part of our standard customer support service and which we believe clients have a right to expect.   Now fully operational, the website has attracted some very positive member feedback and the client is very pleased with the results.

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