Inclusionexperts home page facelift

This client approached us with a request to re-design the look and feel of their existing website, starting with a home page facelift. The new home page concept was aimed at creating a landing page feel, steering new users directly to the section relative to them, with just one click. The rest of existing design was not so important to them and has been left for another time.

It was proven that their existing home page had a very low conversion rate, meaning that visitors where quick to leave as they where not finding the info they needed quick enough. There are many statistics that prove, you don’t have much more than 10 seconds to grab a visitors attention before they move off to another website.

The main objective was to try and have as many high level and relative links to sections of the website required without the clutter and confusing navigation that the old website had. This was achieved by designing large, easy to read call to action blocks using images rather than wordy links and buttons. The end result was a very clean and easy to use home page which users have found far more intuitive and easily navigable.

We also added a new section to the site called “webinars” which hosts an interactive calendar with upcoming and previous events. This section was modelled around an idea taken from one of the BBC proms pages, which has a similar way of displaying information and archiving past events.

Finally we arranged to have the entire website migrated over to one of our Ultra Fast hosting platforms. These servers run on SSD drives as apposed to hard drives and utilises Apache 2 which increases the speed a great deal.

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