Edward James Oak Flooring Company

Edward James Oak are considered to be one of the leading bespoke finishing factories in the UK. They have been producing hand finishing flooring the old fashioned way since 2005. They approached Active Webdezign because their current website needed to be re-vamped and made mobile-friendly in time for a major trade show. Additionally, Edward James Oak wanted a new hosting provider to host their website and provide an update and backup solution.

The client came to us well prepared, providing us with all the content up front, without having to chase them for it. We used a WordPress system with a simplistic but aesthetically pleasing theme to develop the website. A special focus lied on the pictures of the client’s products which are a key element of the website so the theme we chose was perfect for showcasing them.

As a matter of course, we finished the project within the deadline the client gave us. They were very happy that the website was live before their exhibition at the January Furniture Show in Birmingham. The reception and positive feedback they have returned with was extremely good and we have been given a lot of praise and thanks from the client.

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