Glenlyn responsive landing page

How we came to the conclusion the need was for a responsive landing page

Responsive land page discussion over coffeeOne of our oldest and most loyal clients popped in for a cup of coffee and a chat. He was telling us he was getting lots of feedback from clients that it was hard to make reservations on smartphones. As the last version of the website was built quite a few years ago we looked at options for turning the current wordpress theme responsive, rebuilding a new theme with the same design as the client and his customers are very happy with it.

After some conversations with a variety of customers we found that it was not new customers that found the use of the site hard. It was regular bookers, who on their way from the airport only had access to their phone and was only interested in the reservation tool as they knew the establishment and didn’t need to know more. So what we ended up suggesting in the end was a mobile redirect to a specific responsive landing page with some minor information and a link to a responsive version of the booking tool. This ended up saving our customer a nice piece of chang as he can keep the whole website for a few more years depending on mobile demand.

We may be overly honest at times but we feel our customers should always get the best solution possible, this time that meant ‘down selling’. Instead of pushing for a bigger more expensive project we found a cheaper fix for the clients problem and managed to launch it within a week. He was happy and that is often how we get new business, word of mouth from happy customers. Plus we are quite sure he will return to webdezign for his next project as he knows very well, we thave both him and his business’ best interest at heart.

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