Esperante web design and CMS project

Esperante Ventures required a total revamp of their old website so our task here was to create a new web design and CMS platform. This would go on to be Esperante’s primary marketing tool, to raise awareness of their pharmaceutical ventures and partnerships. The brief was to design a clear and clean interface which should go with the biological industries they are involved in. A luxury feel was also considered by the client providing us with images that they felt reflected the quality of their brand, one of the images provided was of a Bentley’s interior! The website has gone on to be well recieved by the clients partners and potential investors having created a much stronger brand and online presence.

Re-Branding of Esperante

We also re-branded their corporate ID and designed and printed their new business cards and stationery. The new logo was used on the new website which also set the colour scheme throughout. The case studies and partners area validates Esperante’s credentials and since the launch of the website has had many of their clients commenting how there new website looked cutting edge, matching their company ethos.

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