Compass Design & Build

Compass Design & Build was a quick and simple bespoke development, which does exactly what the client required it to do. In the first instance we had to establish the newly designed branding to set the look. We then went ahead and established the functionality required, case studies with individual galleries for each and a contact form filled with questions about the specification and type of build required. Garbing as much information on your contact form helps qualify the type of lead coming through from any website. Its important to try and weed out at an early stage if a customer is suited to the type of business setup you have.

Design and build also required a content management system so that they can update the pages as and when required. Built on the WordPress framework, the CMS is fully functional and easy to use, just a half hour tutorial over the phone was enough for the client to go ahead and upload all the case studies, which he did in just one evening.

We also designed and printed new business cards and a digital letterhead was also supplied as part of the project deliverables. The car graphics were set and installed by one of our local sign makers called SignStars in Woodhouse Road. The bosses at Compass Design & Build came to us as a returning client having had their first website built with us over 14 years ago. Since we take extra and personal care of all our clients, they are made to feel special unlike a lot of larger companies that treat their customers as another number on their spreadsheet. All customers who come to Active Webdezign for professional web design services are dealt with and treated on a personal level, ensuring that they have someone they can speak to directly and which they already have a rapport with.

The final outcome was kept in simple black and white colours with the occasional lime green to break it up a little bit. We also provided all the files necessary for the site hoarding sign and custom car stickers. This all ended up with very satisfied clients and a well-rounded brand for their company Compass Design & Build.

As a bespoke design project, which was the case in this instance. The cost came in a little bit higher than it may have done utilising an off the shelf WordPress theme, but the low page count, actually kept the cost within the budget expectations of the client in this case. The client also  got exaclty what he had in mind rather than trying to make the client fit in to an off the shelf theme.

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