Caffe Fratelli

This was an interesting project for us. We initially built Fratelli’s website about five years ago and then a redesign a few years later to reflect how the business had expanded. We were then approached again to help design some print and exhibition work for them to reflect their branding.

The branding of the Caffé was prominent throughout the remit to us and this was carried through the menu and franchise guidelines. The menus keep the artisanal feel of the brand. The experience of visiting a Fratelli Deli is that of being as close to Italy as you can in London! It was important for us to convey that message through the print design and we were keen to employ some very rich images of the food that Fratelli are renowned, for as well as their coffee, to emphasise this.

Along with the web and print work we did for the company we were also excited to be involved in the design of a huge exhibition stand for them for The London Coffee Festival.

Who are Caffè Fratelli?

We are dedicated to providing the Caffè Fratelli customer with a real Italian experience. Our aim is to bring a real taste of Italy to everyone that visits Caffe Fratelli, whether it’s through the great coffee they drink, the delicious food they eat, or the real Italian flair and hospitality they experience.

It is no coincidence that the translation of Fratelli means ’brother’. Caffè Fratelli are as much about bringing the Italian sense of family and community to the UK as they are about bringing the best the country has to offer in cuisine and coffee.

This company ethos is reflected in each of the different stores, where the aim is to build and maintain a relationship with customers; one based on trust, mutual respect and a love of good food and drink. Stunning interiors, depicting traditional Mediterranean life, accentuate Fratelli’s aim for the cafes to be the centre of the local community, a place for friends, family and neighbours to meet up and relax, eat, drink and enjoy good quality food and service

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