J & A Beare On-line Auctions

We are very proud to have developed a custom auction platform for J & A Beare on-line auctions who are one of a very select few that deal in rare and expensive instruments.

The site was developed from the ground up with the exact functionality required by this type of on-line auction application. Security and reliability of the system was also paramount to the success of this project since the buyers would require complete anonymity and be safe in the knowledge that the entire site was also encrypted with the latest SSL2 type of secure connection socket.

With all the recent website security issues facing even some of the largest on-line companies, you can never be 100% sure a system will not be breached, but with years of experience and good practice when it comes to coding a system, we can only try to make it as secure as possible. his along with a host of security software on our server’s goes to having a safe and reliable platform for all our client’s websites to be hosted on.

The website had to go through rigorous testing as the marketing for the launch has been big and global. We devised a series of load tests using some industry tools which simulated hundreds of users visiting the exact page at the exact time as well as users visiting the site ten thousand at a go, which was all a great success.

With the images being served globally using a CDN service (content delivery network) this also goes towards streamlining the website to work smoothly from any platform anywhere in the world. CDN works by delivering the heavy weight data, in this case large images from a local data centre close to the user rather than from one server located here in the UK.

J & A Beare online success has in part to be apportioned to Active Webdezighn with their design and development of such a flexible and user friendly auction site. We are continually praised by those visiting the website and we have even made referrals to Webdezign due to the auction feel and functionality. They offer a personal and bespoke web design service and they go out of their way to continually understand our business, processes and protocols in order to ensure the website fits with our business model. We are getting ready for phase 2 in a few months, and there are no doubts in our mind that we will be coming to Webdezign for this.

Here’s to a long and fruitful relationship.

Raphael Hurwitz Auction Manager, J & A Beare

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