Anton Ezer Creative Director

Anton Ezer is a creative director from the advertising agency world. He has been in the industry for many years. Anton approached us requiring a platform with which to showcase his outstanding work. The design brief was to keep the website looking simple and easy to navigate, allowing the high quality of work to shine through. Editors in the advertising agency world do not have much in the way of  time to focus when it comes down to reviewing a creative director’s work. For this reason we made the website visually driven. From the first instance when a user arrives to the website they are presented with a series of high impact images.

Each case study is presented on a unique and individually formated page. These have a minimalist layout allowing users to easily scroll through the images, video and the accompanying text.

Utilising a premium WordPress theme and customising it to the requirement was a cost saving exercise and one which Anton was very grateful for. WordPress is still our content management system of choice benefiting from the flexibility to build custom functionality.

 creative director, not Technical Director!

Anton was also having trouble with his current hosting, slow and unresponsive we suggested upgrading to one of our fast UK servers. The result was a much faster loading time, responsive galleries and overhaul a much better surfing experience for the users visiting the website on any device.

As a small company in the competitive world of Advertising, I needed to upgrade and re-design my company Website.
My brief to Webdezign was my new site had to be easy and quick for the user to navigate around, showcased my work with a simple but strong graphic look, and allowed me to upload any new work I’d done both quickly and simply.
Webdezign answered my brief.

They are efficient in their delivery of ideas. They work quickly and to a budget. And, most importantly, were helping throughout the early teething stages any new website inevitably has.
I can’t recommend them enough, plus, they are lovely people to work with.

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