All Dogs Matter Charity

All Dogs Matter is a local dog charity. Their new website provides a platform to list dogs for adoption, donate to charity, or browse upcoming dog and charity related events. The new design of the website takes into account all of the different dogs’ attributes. Trying to display them neatly and clearly with a bright and slick theme. Boasting a built-in eCommerce system for their online shop. We created a gallery displaying patrons and supporters. and a specially made dog system to show off all the dogs up for adoption. We’ve also made sure that we delivered to All Dogs Matter’s needs.

A big aspect of this job was to incorporate a charity donation system, as such we only charged half the usual cost, with the rest going straight to charity. We’ve added bright buttons and tags to make sure users can donate, and find the dog for adoption quick and easy.

There was a lot of work put into the All Dogs Matter website

The new site provides them with a full Content Management System, as they need to add, remove and switch around dogs in a simple fashion. We then created a custom post type to completely facilitate and even trivialize the process. It looks great on all devices. I’ts completely responsive on all tablets and mobiles, and even a fully functional eCommerce shop.

Roko and Lily adopted from the charityWe managed to reach our final goal, and have provided All Dogs Matter with their exact vision. We continue to hold them close as our Chief Happiness Officer, Lily as well as Roko; was welcomed to us by them. Who knows, perhaps a few more in the future. Webdezign highly recommend All Dogs Matter as they’ve provided us, and many others with endless lovely memories.

Here’s to hoping there are a lot more to come.

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