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YouTube is downIt was a big shock, but somewhat of a sobering revelation to see that YouTube website was down this morning. In this fast moving technological age we live in it seems no one is invisible to the multitude of problems that a website and hosting platform can encounter.

As some of our own clients experienced themselves first hand this week when one of our premium web servers which is hosted in one of Europe’s largest data centres suffered a technical fault on Monday morning, leaving many of our clients website’s inaccessible for a brief time. Our engineers were quick to access the problem and took the necessary actions to resolve the situation as soon as possible. It turned out that the morning glitch had caused one of the safety duplicated hard disks to loose its integrity and synchronisation with the  other hard drive prompting the Linux programme safety system to shut down the system safely, restart itself in rescue mode and begin the two hour process of checking the disk integrity and re-mirroring them back to a synchronised status.

These things do happen in the world of computers as many of us have come to realise with our own PC’s, but when it comes to a web server, which is constantly in use at a high level along with the millions of server requests by robot programs continually scanning the Internet probing the Internet for system vulnerability amongst other things, that we manage to stay up and running 99.9% of the time. The 0.1% accounts for unfortunate times like these when technical problems will inevitably occur.

YouTube is not immune

With YouTube being down it does seem that there is no escape from the clutches of the Internet gremlins! Although our own hosting solutions have only experienced two brief moments of downtime this year, we are implementing additional investment to take the best possible care of our servers. This will help in monitoring continuously and have support on any problems 24/7 which will subsequently reduce any unforeseen downtime.


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