Yii Based Web App Development


Yii is an exciting web app design framework that our team uses to add additional functionality to your website. One of the great things about Yii is the way it meshes together with a wide variety of different online applications. Yii designed web applications expand the number of options available to you when developing a bespoke website.


What’s in a word?

Yii is one of the lesser-known web development platforms, certainly compared with better-known applications like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and company. We think this is a shame, because in our experience Yii is the most efficient platform available for developing large scale online applications. Yii is an acronym for “yes it is!” – a phrase that perfectly sums up the platform’s user philosophy. When you come to us with a request for certain web functionality and ask is it possible, our answer is “yes it is!” Yii makes possible some truly awesome online applications and interactive websites, and we are very excited to be able to share the benefits of this technology with our customers.

The sky is the limit

Active Webdezign is all about the removal of limitations. When it comes to web design, we believe that nothing is impossible We don’t want to tell you what you can’t do. Our service is about understanding what you want your website to achieve and then finding a way to make it possible. Yii is one of the gateways we use to allow you to reach this potential.

bespoke online applications

Are you interested in bespoke online applications for your business?

Come and speak to us. For more details about Yii and how we can build some jaw-dropping apps for your website, get in touch with one of our consultants today for a free initial consultation.

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