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Webdezign is more than just a company that makes fancy web design pages or complex systems. They are a web design team of people that work together to create elegant websites that can capture a user’s mind and allow them to envision the whole company behind the website that they are visiting. Creating websites is more than just a quick task, it’s a long term project that requires a dedicated team to generate ideas and designs to be able to turn a dream into an opportunity to achieve even more success. The team here at Webdezign recognise and understand their clients ambitions and desires.

This blog has been written from the perspective of a 2 week intern at Active Webdezign. My observations, thoughts and views throughout this blog are accurate and unbiased.

Being an intern, I am inexperienced towards website design and development. Working here for the past two weeks has been an enlightening and incredible experience, it has allowed me to identify the different roles many people must take up to create a website. Until now, I was unaware that there were so many different tasks required in order for a website to work. Regardless if it is a 1 page parallax website or a 50 page e-commerce website, they require a Project Manager, an Analyst / Strategist, a Designer and finally a Developer.

Mike is the project manager of the team, his job is to communicate with the clients to make sure that enough information is collected to ensure that there is no miscommunication and the project being delivered is what the client has asked for. He is the captain of the team, without him there would be no structure. With him however, the projects are guaranteed to be completed smoothly. Throughout the process, he routinely is updated from the rest of his team of the project’s progress. This allows him to make sure that the stakeholders are kept on the same page and are happy with the direction his team are heading with the website.

The designer of the team is responsible for creating the layout of a website, they make a web page stand out and come to life. Giving a website personality and creating a user interface that is easy to navigate and operate is a vital part of a website’s success. Peter is the designer of the team and he focuses on creating site concepts, developing templates, and the graphic design pieces.

Development of the website provides the foundation and the main structure of a website. A website is made up many parts that operate in many different languages. A developer will tie together each part of a website, making it fully functional. Nihal is the developer, he writes out most of the code for the website, performs multiple tests, and ensures any bugs or issues are handled appropriately.

Together, with all their expertise, ideas and knowledge combined. They all work to analyse what they have to do and are able to strategically create a plan to allow them to successfully execute a perfect project.

I hope this has helped you gain a better insight into website design and WebDezign as a company. Whether you are a potential client or someone looking to take on some work experience, Active Webdezign is the perfect choice. They will exceed your expectations and create things for you that you never imagined were possible.

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