What is an apprenticeship?

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apprentice-girl-01Tired of being stuck in a classroom? What is an apprenticeship you ask? Not sure if university is the right option for you? Not to worry! If you are age 16 or over there is the fantastic opportunity of gaining quality, practical and on the job experience in the working sector of your choice WHILE obtaining knowledge by studying along the way. You will get the chance to work alongside experienced staff while learning job specific skills and not forgetting…you would earn pay through wages and holiday pay!

Could it get any better?

There are four types of levels in apprenticeships going from intermediate to advanced, to higher then degree. An intermediate apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSE passes at grades A* to C, an advanced apprenticeship is equivalent to two A level passes, a higher apprenticeship is equivalent to a foundation degree and above and lastly a degree apprenticeship is equivalent to a Bachelors or Masters degree!

apprentice-girl-02Here at Active Webdezign we are always open to taking on apprentices who show a passion and drive in everything they choose to do. You must be motivated to learn new skills everyday and show an interest in the web design and technological aspects of constructing websites and using different software’s. We encourage you to make mistakes and learn from them with the help and support from us as a team who will help you all along the way. As well as this, you will be able to study towards a related qualification that is usually one day a week which will help you to understand and gain a base of knowledge while working and getting paid.

apprentice-girl-03To apply for an apprenticeship it is extremely easy! Firstly, search for an apprenticeship of your choice and interest. Then sign in or create an account in which you are able to then complete and submit your application instantly.

For example, if you are looking for an apprenticeship in web design, you could search and apply easily HERE .


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