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The Webdezign policy on hosting in London for our clients websites has always been to achieve the highest standard available in the market. Offering safe, reliable and up to date hosting co-located inside the most up do date facilities. With the knowledge of 10 years in the web development business, we have seen and tested a vast range of Internet based technology and service providers.

Webdezign has in the past six months obtained another two of the highest quality website hosting servers to accommodate the ever growing demand on high quality and reliable platforms. We are currently in the process of migrating our existing clients over to our new servers. This is to ensure they go on receiving a reliable hosting service into the future. We also arrange dedicated servers for those clients who have high data transfer needs and require an entire managed server of their own.

The server facility within the data centre in our UK location incorporates important energy efficient initiatives, such as cold aisle containment, which results in a saving of up to 30% on energy used for air conditioning and 10% on energy used by servers. All servers have mirrored raid array hard drives and along with the off site automated data backups available, it ensures there is a safety net should anything go wrong.

For an overview of our hosting plans please visit the hosting services page.

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    Wow, very comprehensive you guys! The information provided by you is very excellent. I got good knowledge
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