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The team at Webdezign have been very busy building new websites for our clients during 2008. It was only down to the determination of the guys to use their own scarce moments of spare time, that we finally managed to go live on Thursday the 9th of January at around midnight. I personally want to announce to all involved a BIG THANK YOU for putting in all their individual expertise that goes in to make a highly successful website. We hope this new site will provide you with all the information you require to help you plan out and implement your own website project. Having been in the web design and development business in London for over 9 years now, we have designed and launched several of our own new websites as frequently as we could. With the speed in which Internet technology and the surrounding services have evolved and expanded over the last 10 years and remains to do so, it is imperative that your website is kept up to scratch just like you would service or upgrade to a new motor car.

Ther is an interesting website that can look back in time and show you old version copies of any website which can be quite fun. You can visit the Way Back Machine and see any previous version of a website from the past at: www.archive.org

Although our last website was put up over two years ago and we should practice what we preach, we have vowed that we will begin work on our next website over the coming weeks. Since we also felt that we may have focused a little too much on the structure, optimisation and content of the new website (since this has become very important for search engine performance) we may have traded this off for some of the design. It seems that one can become blinkered when working on your own project without benefiting from a focus group, or clients in our case reviewing and and feeding input from an outsiders view.

We do wish all our existing clients as well as any prospective clients a very productive and positive outcome to 2009 in a time that we are being told there is a bleak forecast ahead. When the credit crunch gets crunching the credit crunched get going! And don’t believe all that you hear in the media, it’s put there to try and alter our minds. Hear at Webdezign we have only seen companies around us prosper in the past year and the forthcoming year has no indications of this changing.

If you have any comments we would ask you to be as honest and direct as you wish by leaving your feedback below.

  1. Nick Dekker says:

    Wow! The new version is superb. It’s not only beautiful, it’s actually interesting, useful and personal too. Love it. 10/10!!

  2. Raj says:

    We at Indigo, Luuuuuuuuv the new site!

    Very professional looking, based on CSS2 (at last!) and wonderfully simple to use.

    Wish you every success!


  3. Matt says:

    we launched 3.0 : ))

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