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Active Webdezign For over a decade, Active Webdezign has been dedicated to producing cutting edge yet functional design, both online and offline. We believe in celebrating creativity and nurturing talent in every aspect of our work, from website development to graphic design. So, when we were approached to join the Annual Design Awards by it’s founder, we were delighted. These awards are truly a salute to originality, inspiration and excellence. With lower entry fees and fewer categories, they encourage designers from around the world and a myriad of backgrounds to enter, allowing the quality of the work to shine in its own right.

In particular, we found that the ethos of the awards fits perfectly with our own. Entrants are judged on a mixture of their vision and the practicality of their designs, a balance which we always strive to achieve.

We are honoured to participate in the Annual Design Awards and look forward to watching as they unfold.

Annual Design Awards

“The Annual Design Awards provide a real platform for celebrating imagination, innovation and pure talent. These are the things that drive the creative industry forwards.”
— Mike Yan, Director Active Webdezign


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