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Why use web designers in London, well thanks to London itself being the number one choice city in the world to live and work in, if not THE best, the web design industry has flourished here. Our team of web designers in London who founded Active Webdezign fifteen years ago have all been able to evolve and grow with the company thanks somewhat to its location.

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When we opened our doors in 1999 web development especially eCommerce was quite a technical feat, so we were in the hands of old school software developers who we had used to outsource some of our technical work too. This was never going to be an ideal solution as these programmers had no real experience with website development. Even though some of the concepts of building desktop applications as compared to on-line, shared some of the same principles, but in practice there was enough of a difference to create many issues along the way.

Although our graphic design backgrounds and expertise was second to none, we had already been producing printed matter for our clients. Web design standards and techniques on the other hand were in their infancy and there was a lot of trial and error getting things to look and function correctly across a multitude of computer screens and PC’s which as you all know were very badly behaved.

Since London is a world leader in design it did not take long for us to get a grips with the requirements the early internet demanded. Soon after it also became apparent that we could not rely on third party software developers to produce code to the high standard and expectations that London clientele demanded from us. This is when we decided to bring on board some newly qualified web designers and developers who were fresh out of university and very eager to learn and get ahead of the game. In doing so we could offer a complete package of design and development all created in house and to the high standard that we where trying to achieve.

The moral to this story is that if you want to keep customers very happy and coming back regularly for new websites its imperative that you control all aspects of development closely.

By working as a close knit in house team of highly skilled and dedicated designers, programmers, project managers and administrators we can ensure that each project is handled with great care. All this results in much happier clients, state of the art technology provided by our very knowledgeable and experienced team and all from our London web design studio where our clients can come and discuss projects face to face.

We have heard too many bad stories about outsource companies around the globe who try to delve into a clients project via email and basic communications and which mostly end in either a failed and abandoned project or something that does not really stand up to the high level of web design standards required by today’s competitive on-line marketplace.

Cheap webdesign is expensive in the long run, web designers in London is therefore by far the best possible choice to get business’s up and running in the rapidly growing world of the on-line arena.


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