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web_designers_team_buildingThe summer has once again finally arrived without any sign of a heatwave, but that can be expected in the UK, it’s not unusual. Following a stronger 3rd quarter of trading we decided to treat ourselves with a day at the race track in Brentwood. The Team building day started rather on the wet side and made for some fun, spinning off the track and having some rather long skids and crashes!

Team building racers

The sun did finally come out on our second session after lunch and we managed to notch up som

e impressive lap times. Some of the lads did start to get carried away and we had some rather painful collisions! I myself took a step back as Richard, who had no sense of who or what was behind him, was unpredictable in the lines he was taking and most times just rammed anyone trying to get by. I was also unfortunate myself to have been sandwiched by two of the guys which has left me with a funny ankle still to this day. The track had just had new 200cc carts this season and therefore the performance was quite outstanding.

Team building winnersMaybe because I’m getting old or it may be that I suffer from travel sickness, but by the 20th lap in the second session I had to retire to the pits before I would be sick inside my helmet! The smell of the petrol fumes and the rattling of my bones was enough for me to retire to the pits for the day. The other guys gave no way and raced to the full till the last minute. Garry Davis our SEO and marketing person won the race and also the fastest lap time of the day, but he was wearing his red driving shoes which apparently helps. Rizwan came second and Matthias came in third on the podium.

Overall it was a great team building day which we finished off with our favourite food snack, Kebab Rolls from the famous Lahore restaurant in Hendon on the way home.

  1. Matt says:

    yeayyy, we need to do it again!! : ) .. and if it is only to train mike so he can get rid of his travel sickness. Loved it, was a great event.

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