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It has been a difficult year for all of us as it is, and to top it all up Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple Macintosh computers and our hero of tech has this week passed away. Even one of our newest top of the range iMacs died yesterday as if it was coming out in sympathy from the departing of its great creator. A recent email sent directly to Steve Jobs by myself was not replied to and had already raised my suspicions that there was something terribly wrong.

If there could be one thing that Steve would definitely be remembered for it’s his passion and understanding of what a consumer really wanted, not what a focus group of guinea pigs would come up with in there two or three hour paid for little sessions. No, because with the arrival of the first iMac back in 1998 when Steve Jobs was invited back to Apple Computers Inc., the computer industry had seen the first step to bridge the gap between the scientific and industrial users to the masses of every day consumers wanting to get a piece of the action. The public where hungry to get on the Internet, simply and quickly with the added bonus of superb style thrown in to make this a household item of smooth functionality and tremendous beauty.

The rest is history as they say… you can view a full timeline of all the apple products ever made since 1978 here as well as the original iMac launch presented by Steve Jobs himself, below.

The first ever Apple computer

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