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SSL Certificates, ever noticed the padlock that appears when you’re logged into your Internet banking? It shows that the connection between you and the website is encrypted, meaning there’s less chance that anything sensitive you enter (personal details, passwords, etc) can be intercepted by hackers. Gone are the days when our high street in London was the most convenient way to buy all goods and services – eCommerce is great and it is here to stay.

SSL Certificates

A Padlock For My Website

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is a must have for an eCommerce website. By using an SSL Certificate, you can put a padlock on your website that will give your customers peace of mind and increase their security – vital for eCommerce! Note that there’s no such thing as “unhackable” – don’t kid yourself – however an SSL Certificate is the place to start when securing a website and your customers will thank you for it. There’s a few types of SSL Certificates; let’s go through them.

SSL Certificates – Domain Validation

This is the simplest and most affordable form of SSL Certificate. It ensures that you are being shown a website from the authorised server and that there’s no man-in-the-middle who is intercepting the page and collecting your details.

SSL Certificates – Organisation or Company Validation

This is the next stage up from a Domain Validation SSL Certificate, so it does everything that type of SSL Certificate does and more.

As the name suggests, Organisation Validation requires the website to provide documentation to the SSL Certificate Authority to give certainty that website is owned by the organisation that it claims before the SSL Certificate can be issued.

Your customers will be able to click the certificate and see your organisation’s details and find your address, whether you’re based in London or elsewhere.

SSL Certificates – Extended Validation (EV)

This is the most trusted SSL Certificate you can get and is used by websites where security needs to be as high as possible.

The Extended Validation SSL Certificate is high prestige and does everything an Organisation/Company Validation SSL Certificate does and more. When on a website with an EV SSL Certificate, the organisation’s name appears in the address bar with the colour green, reassuring your customers that you’re the real McCoy.

Get an SSL Certificate from London Web Developers

Before you can get an SSL Certificate, you need Web Hosting, Web Design, Web Development and a Dedicated IP Address. Are you based in London?

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