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Reading Glasses DirectWe recently embarked on an e-commerce project of our own (Reading Glasses Direct), setting out to prove to ourselves that you can create a successful online retail website from just an idea, hard work and dedication. Initial research had shown that there is quite a high demand (high keyword search volume) for high quality, well priced, off the shelf reading glasses.

We took this data and followed it up by developing a search engine friendly online retail website, focusing on the keywords we found people were searching by. Finding a suitable supplier was not a problem, since we have over the past years developed a large network of partner companies and clients always willing to do expand their own sales. The site was launched back in June and has already taken some good orders. The initial response from the users has been that the site is very easy to use, simple and functional..

Reading Glasses Direct

We are continuing to improve the website and market it through our existing channels and expertise within our own staff skill sets. Starting from the design concept, programming and development process right through to the final stages of marketing & search engine optimisation, we have proven that the recipe we recommend to all our clients can be shown in this live test model.

Whilst we have enjoyed the challenge over the past few months finding the time to plan and instigate this project, it has now become apparent that this may also be a viable side line business. The site is practically self running, orders are sent and processed directly through our distribution partners, which only leaves us the challenge of continuous marketing and making improvements to the website’s usability which in turn will ultimately increase the traffic and sales.


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