Vantage Ventures

Vantage Ventures is a personal website for a lovely animal loving lady who runs wildlife Safari trips out in Africa. With high resolution photographs provided by the client, who is also an avid photographer it gave us a good basis to build a visually attractive website. The technical requirements were relatively modest, requiring only a gallery, contact page and some info on the safari trips coming up. The aesthetic look of a site is always a paramount for our clients, although its an interesting statistic that the look of a website only makes up for 10 -20% of its success online: Using an off the shelf WordPress theme to contain the cost, we were able to customise the look enough to provide a bespoke looking end result, tailored to the exact requirements and look. We also help develop a logo from the clients idea and which went on to be used on the website and business cards. All our website are now built as mobile first, this simply means that we check the mobile layout first ensuring that the mobile layout is developed for the ultimate look and user experience.

Hosting a new website is an important part of keeping the website running smoothly, but more importantly in the eyes of Google a fast website will obtain some preferential status when it comes to ranking the site against its competitors. Thats why Active Webdezign provides hosting on an extremely fast UK server boasting very fast SSD drives, 128gb of RAM and a whopping 10 core processor. Along with fast hosting and level 2 caching to keep the website running almost instantly we also provide a 256bit SSL certificate, which ensures all connections in and out of the website are encrypted keeping users data safe from interception by cyber criminals.

We also ensure that all our clients websites are backed up and kept up dated on a regular basis. Our hourly remote location incremental backups will ensure that in the event of a cyber breach or hardware failure at the data centre, all our websites are safe and can be restored in minutes from the most recent backup.



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