TNTL or Transact Via Legal is a legal services portal which provides business users with a lawyer comparison service. Visitors are given the opportunity to upload their brief which in turn will be distributed to three law firms selected especially on the basis of the law service required. Each law firm will then in turn upload their quotation into the system for the work requested so that the client can compare and select the firm they would like to take on. A series of automated emails are sent out at every stage of the process which is important as the client will be kept up to date and should they wish to proceed the process will be handled by the system we built.

This project required a custom application to be developed with emphasis on security as would be expected for anything to do with law. We used a Yii framework to build our application and a WordPress system with a base theme to handle the static content and aesthetics of the website. The client is himself a lawyer and came up with the idea which required us to sign an NDA before he divulged the idea, which is always fine by us.

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