Stylewarehouse is a leading supplier of branded fashion clothing to the retail sector. As a returning client for whom we developed their first website over 4 years ago, they new it was time to bring their website up to date. With there client base reaching across the whole of Europe the website has proven to be a crucial part to their sales activities and has helped them streamline their ordering system.

The website was developed with specific requirements including the ability to hide all prices from the public and allow only vetted wholesale clients to enter and purchase from the site. Other requirements included the ability to sell items in packs of desired amounts all controlled via our customised product options module, which we developed for them. There was also a need for an RSS feed to update clients as and when new stock had arrived and was made available. We also included a fully customised secure checkout using SagePay as the gateway, but making it look and feel like you have never left the website.

We also insured that the links in Google from their previous site where mapped over to the new site as not to loose any page ranking and links in Google built up over the previous years. The client now has the ability to push the online side of the business a step further by the introduction of this new website which should serve its purpose for the coming years. We are currently discussing some marketing and additional SEO work to achieve this.

The design was based on the brief we where given which goes along side the type of clothing and target market that most of their collections are based upon.

Our services included

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