Orbital Racing Group

The Orbital Racing Group is specialized in providing highly professional support in gaining fair racehorse ownership and contributes this experience to be fun and enjoyable to their clients. They aim to solve the problem with the expensive racehorse ownership by organizing syndicates and making in this way the process far more affordable to larger groups of people. The Orbital Racing Group arranges the purchasing and training of the horses in partnership with excellent high-profiled experts to ensure the best environment for each individual horse while keeping the syndicate members involved and updated every step of the way.

We were chosen to develop the very first website of the company. Our goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing design corresponding with the beautiful, competitive, and high-end nature of the racehorse business. The client wanted to establish trust and respect in the customer when intending to buy shares of horses and to create easy online access to that important action. So the new website needed to be easy to interact with.

To meet our client’s requirements we have decided to build the website on WordPress following the best practices of effective UX/UI design. We have incorporated a lot of high-quality images and also a video as we wanted to achieve a highly impressive web presence. The next major piece of work was to implement e-commerce functionality with payment integration to allow customers to buy shares in horses. CTA buttons were created and placed in the most visible spots all around the website in order to encourage the users to take action. There is also a membership area (client portal) with current holding, renewals, and wallet-related details.

As a result of our efforts, we all can enjoy a good result, a website which is great from an aesthetic point of view and is easy to interact with.

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