Mill & Brew Coffee & Food Bar

The brief

Mill & Brew is a new local coffee shop brand aiming to expand rapidly throughout London. The brainchild of Antonio Motisi who also founded Caffe Nero and more recently Caffe Fratelli. We were given the job to produce an easy to update WordPress system which would allow the administrators to update the menu’s quickly and easily. Given the time frame which this was needed to be completed within and the fact that we were required to produce a custom design, we had to move fast. The website was designed and developed within two weeks of them providing us with the brief and content. Then once the client had sent us their feedback with just a couple of minor amendments, the site went live by what was the third week. We do provide a very fast turnaround for customers who have a tight brief and know exactly what they are after.


The technology we used in building a bespoke, lean and mean WordPress with fast hosting is the ultimate way to produce a website that is fast and responsive. HTML5 and CSS3 is therefore the coding of choice and along with a WordPress framework which allows for easy updates, this website could not have come out much better. Hosted on a fast UK server running Apache 2 with the all new Lightspeed server software, the website will always be available and quick to respond.

Speed and security

It has now become an essential part of the search engine optimasation that your website is quick to respond to user requests, making having a fast server worth more than anything you may have to spend on SEO. We also installed an SSL certificated which creates an encrypted connection between the website and the user. This encryption ensures that nothing being transmitted can be intercepted and Google now favours websites which have this type of secure connection.

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