Indulgence Hair & Beauty

Once again we were chosen for this project by clients who wanted to work with a local London specialist and we are very close to Indulgence. Our client wanted to reflect the clean and simple modern style of their salon in order to keep the branding continuous from the floor to the website. As you can see from the website, the Indulgence has a large glass frontage through which the entire salon is visible and they wanted us to reflect this spacious look on the site itself.

We chose to use a straightforward WordPress website as there was no need in this instance for the site to have any e-commerce functionality. The simple and clean look of the website reflects the style and overall feel of the salon with fresh and original banners to highlight the main goal of the site which was to inform potential clients of the most important information that they would want: the services offered, where the salon is and when they are open. It’s simple really but basic stuff which can so often be overlooked.

With Indulgence, you will receive the warmest and friendliest service you have ever had. The undivided attention and utmost professional care that they provide will make you think of them as more than just a salon, more than a beauty salon. They want to indulge you in the experience.


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