Flip ‘n Grill

This was a big branding project we where hired to perform for a local startup, deliverables included signage, shopfront and a multitude of flyers not included here. We also arranged for a photoshoot that was directed by our creative director on site at Flip ‘N Grill. The concept was a strong idea with a unique piece of equipment made bespoke that would allow the chefs to cook whole chickens tandoori style but while being flipped and grilled making it possible to serve as fast food.

Flip ‘N Grill Branding

Flip 'N Grill - Carwrap

Flip ‘N Grill Delivery car wraps, we also delivered branded bags and shirts for the delivery drivers. The fleet consisted of 5 Smart cars with a hotbox installed in the back seat to keep dishes warm while driving.

Flip 'N Grill - Placemat 1

Flip 'N Grill- Placemat 2

Placemat menues, to be layed on the tables for people to read the menu.

Flip 'N Grill Takeaway menu 1

Flip 'N Grill - Takeaway menu 2

Takeaway menues, we went for a starker look on these as they where being posted into the local community and we wanted people to react and not instantly throw them away.

Flip 'N Grill - Businesscard

Flip 'N Grill - Letterhead

Flip 'N Grill - Compliment slip

Assorted Stationery for Flip ‘N Grill

Flip 'N Grill - WordPress

the Flip ‘N Grill Website, we opted to go for a responsive WordPress site, using typekit to get the webfont version of Sentinel Bold.

Unfortunately after all of this, the client opened it’s doors and 3 weeks later decided to completely change the concept and branding of the restaurant.

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