The FIRMs web app is a professional fire investigator’s tool which enables the user to run through a series of checks when visiting a fire scene. FIRMs stands for Fire Investigators Road Maps, which is a collection of 23 road maps which is a simplified electronic check list that guides the fire investigators through a series of check lists that can be marked and followed through to determine the cause of the fire. Its imperative that these checks are made at the very first visit before any of the evidence is cleared away, so you only really get one chance for this. From the checklists completed, reports can be printed out detailing all the information, which they can then take and use in the final reporting.

Peter Mansi was a senior and honoured fire chief who has gone on after retiring from the fire brigade to setup a private fire investigation company and who is world acclaimed for his technical ability and experience. Apart from the fire investigations work Peter carries out with his colleagues viaĀ  (FIUK) he also completed his PHD which is where he developed the road maps idea. The road maps he developed became such a useful tool for him and his colleagues when visiting a fire scene that he approached us to develop the maps into a useful web app that other fire investigators could sign up for. On a subscription based system users are able to store their maps and run reports from them to be used in their own fire investigations work.

We based the app on a Yii 2 framework allowing us to develop the exact functionality required. Full bespoke from the ground up we worked with Peter closely to fully understand the requirements and come up with a system that is both useful and intuitive for the investigators to use. With the use of secure connections via the 256bit SSL encryption to and from the website and web app, we ensure that the sensitive data passing too and fro the system is kept away from any possible interception. Fast and reliable with a paid for subscriptions and free trial period, the up is up and running and attracting many new members from the niche but vast fire investigations arena.


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