F. Norman Butcher

F. Norman Butcher established as a local butcher in 1939 and are still selling fantastic free range organic meat from locally sourced producers, including venison, boar and salt marsh lamb. Their existing website was so old it would show as a small box type website in the top corner of modern screens, so was definitely due for a re-vamp. The hog roast service they offer is a big part of their drive to expand and therefor we added a booking form for users to directly request this service via their new website. We also wanted the new website to express the fact that this is a butcher with a difference, mainly because of the high quality and free range meat that they serve. We added a section that depicts each type of meat with the relevant cuts that can be achieved.

Happy as a Butcher

F. Norman was over the moon with the end result and for the budget they had to spend, with full control of the gallery, blog area and all the static content, this was truly value for money. The type of one page website we used is becoming very popular these days for the shear fact that a user (especially on mobiles and tablet) can scroll down a single page without having to click on any fiddly menu links and see the website in its entirety.

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