Dolce Valentina Jewellery Manufacturers

Business to Consumer

Dolce Valentina is the retail arm of a very local client of our who we have been helping with their online activities since 2005. This website was developed and aimed at the retail market, B2C (Business to consumer) which sells personalised jewellery. The online jewellery market is highly competitive and requires good pricing and plenty of traffic to make it profitable. This company has been enjoying high level of sales via a WoWcher partnership they embarked on. Basically they are offering such a huge discount from the RRP price that it makes the deal so fantastic that users once on the website cannot turn the offer down. Up to 90% off the original retail price seems hard to achieve, but this company also manufactures all its own jewellery here in the UK and can afford to offer these big discounts which brings in the numbers.

Business to Business

The other website we built for their B2B (business to business) arm of the company, which can be visited at: is geared up to accommodate their wholesale arm of the business. This website allows registered retail shop owners to log in and order in bulk with discount levels according to the size of their company. The special prices offered to trade are only viewable once you are logged in to maintain and protect the trade sellers from the public seeing the trade pricing.


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