Charmrace as they were called before had recently embarked on a re-branding drive to update and modernise their long running brand name to CHARMRACE.COM. This also involved having a new website built and introducing the brand through this ever crucial marketing channel. The new website was to be informative and act as a showroom window for their customers to visit.

The new website also featured a facility to upload customer vehicle details and images that are often sold through the garage which was achieved by building a custom module specifically to manage this.

The client also wanted a bit of ‘WOW’ factor built into the home page, which was achieved by sourcing a video of the internal workings of a combustion engine with some high energy music to accompany the clip.

For a car mechanic business to be established for over 30 years must say something about their quality and service and with the new website now in place they can shout about this even louder. This really does emphasise that a well produced website made by professional can reflect on your business.

We all know how important your website is for establishing any business in this day and age and with the cost of having a bespoke development specifically designed to your requirements much less than in previous days. It remains to say that having a fine website will complement and enhance the perception of any company looking to take their business to a higher level.

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