Caffe Fratelli

Caffe Fratelli have the finest coffee bars in London, but that may be my biased opinion. Founded over 5 years ago by Antonio Motisi (who was the original founder of Caffe Nero) the Caffe Fratelli chain is heading for great times ahead. With 14 stores already established and more set to open in 2016 Antonio really knows his stuff.

This is the latest in our returning client success story with the relationship spanning over ten years and services rendered which includes: website design along with this latest eCommerce project just completed, brochure and exhibition materials as well as a B2B catering order platform and lots more.

We used a custom designed Magento system to delivery the exact type of system tailored to their brand to reach out to their ever increasing client bank. The customer loyalty and privilege cards go towards increasing brand awareness as well as keeping their clients rewarded and making them feel cared for.

Our process with the eCommerce development was one of agility and patience as there was the need to get this up and running in a relatively short space of time with minimal resources available at the client side, we had to take the project by the reigns and come up with something we felt would work for both the eCommerce website design functionality as well as projecting the companies credentials and ethos all in one content management system.

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