Buy Flooring Online

Buy Flooring Online specialising in the B2B or trade operations for the design and build industry, required a site that could offer thousands of products from household name brands to their individual clients without having an overly cumbersome and difficult to manage website. The look and style of the site would require the client to be able to offer branded products from individual manufacturers whilst maintaining their own brand identity and keeping the products true to their original suppliers own branding.

It may seem a very tricky task at first, how do you keep true to over a hundred companies different brands while ensuring your own brand remains prominent?

It turned out the solution was one we had used before. By utilising the simple to understand functionality of a Magento based CMS (Content Management System) template we were able to use the individual manufacturers websites within the website for Buy Flooring Online. The customer can then choose the product they want from the manufacturer and simply add the details of that product into the quote arena which stays permanent at the top of the site.

The result is an easy to navigate site that offers a very customer friendly search experience.

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