Air Maths Tuition

Air Maths Tuition is a recent start up company who offer group, one to one and online face to face tuition. The scope was clear, first build a new well designed website using WordPress and migrate all content from the clients current Wix website. The Wix website proved it limitations when our client tried to build in some advanced functionality. First job was to find a solution that would work together with the WordPress seamlessly, so we offered to combine Moodle learning platform with WordPress for a full solution. Moodle is an open source platform which most universities use for online learning.

The end result is a very user friendly all bells and whistles learning portal which charges for lessons and will eventually be supplying past papers for students to practice with for their various levels of exams. From GCSE, to AS and A levels, they have daily online classes for all.

The client was very friendly and knew exactly what he was looking for. Held to a tight budget, needless to say we completed the job within the deadline and the client was very happy, meeting all his expectations.

I’ve had experience with several developers at this stage and I can certainly say that these guys have been the best so far. Simply put, they deliver. From day 1, they showed a great interest in the business model to a granular level which I didn’t expect. Shortly after, they devised a plan and proposal to make the dream work. And I am extremely pleased. The additional support and communication has been terrific. They are extremely efficient in what they do and want to make you happy. I go into the office a lot just to have a coffee with them because the environment is really nice. I look forward to working with WebDezign for many years to come.


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