Aburi Composites

Aburi Ltd. is a Dubai based trading company who are established in the oil and gas sector. Aburi Ltd. has secured the exclusive selling rights for “Lite Safe” LPG Composite Cylinders, internationally. Since their head office is now based in London, Aburi Ltd. was looking for a local partner to support their website requirements going forward. We are currently working on another three projects including their capital investment arm of the company as well as their consulting business. Their investment company which is currently working on a development of 140 apartments in JVC Dubai is currently in development.

This client had previously developed the Aburi website out in the middle east with a local web design firm, but were not at all happy with the end result and decided to abandon that project and start from scratch. They not only paid well over the price that we ended up charging them, but they got such an inferior product that it would of been detrimental to their business, let alone help with marketing the new start up composite Gas Cylinder business.

All of our web design and development projects now fully support tablet and mobile devices and are therefore developed using HML5 and CSS3. We also ensure that all our websites are built “SEO ready” meaning that all the META tags and information required for search engines to list and rank your website has a solid framework. This only leaves the insertion of the keywords, titles and phrases to be entered via the easy to use WordPress content management system on an ongoing basis, tweaking titles and descriptions easily as and when required.

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