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PACE.Integration WordPress for IT - Web design Company LondonU PACE.Integration WordPress for IT

PACE INTEGRATION WORDPRESS FOR IT PACE is an organisation based on working with intercommunication between the system and the people or machines by using advanced technology through a website by WordPress for IT consultants. They have been operating in this industry for over 10 years, working with a range of corporate clients worldwide. Their niche […]

TNTL - Web design Company LondonU TNTL

Online legal services comparison application, connecting business lawyers with clients looking for legal business related law services.

Beyaz Galeri Ev - Web design Company LondonU Beyaz Galeri Ev

Voted one of the Top 100 Villas in Europe by the Sunday Times, we are proud to have been commissioned for this project and from such wonderful clients like Pat and Terry Creasy

Ava Golding Jazz Singer - Web design Company LondonU Ava Golding Jazz Singer

Ava Golding is well know jazz singer who required a personal page to market her services. The limited budget that we had allowed us to use a single page WordPress template theme and alter it to make it look bespoke and branded to Ava’s taste. The end result is a very simple to use parallax based theme […]

Ritzy Events Company - Web design Company LondonU Ritzy Events Company

The brief here was to aid in the production of brand new company name, logo and a set of communication materials.

Uniglobe Total Travel - Web design Company LondonU Uniglobe Total Travel

Uniglobe is a world wide corporate travel franchise, who's members run and manage their own travel agencies. They are provided with their own individual version of the corporate website, which is tweaked to their particular branch.

Neil Lerner Kitchens - Web design Company LondonU Neil Lerner Kitchens

The custom design we produced for Neil Lerner was second to none, assuring that the user was presented with the high quality kitchens produced by Neil Lerner that stood out and shone.

Esperante web design and CMS project - Web design Company LondonU Esperante web design and CMS project

Our client required a total revamp of their old website so our task here was to create a new web design and CMS platform.

Sigconnect - Web design Company LondonU Sigconnect

The Sigconnect project came about from a problem that our client SIGMA PLC had with their customer order platform. The previously used order module was developed to work with their ageing ERP system years ago. Not only was this software well past its useful lifespan, but it was also very cumbersome, un user friendly as well […]

Caffe Fratelli - Web design Company LondonU Caffe Fratelli

Caffe Fratelli have the finest coffee bars in London, but that may be my biased opinion. Founded over 5 years ago by Antonio Motisi (who was the original founder of Caffe Nero) the Caffe Fratelli chain is heading for great times ahead. With 14 stores already established and more set to open in 2016 Antonio really knows his […]

Logical Office - Web design Company LondonU Logical Office

A fabulously minimalist web design project for a company that has returned to us after eight years that has developed it's own CRM system.

Back2 – 2015 - Web design Company LondonU Back2 – 2015

Built with an all singing and dancing Magento custom design this site is in our eyes a masterpiece. Utilising the very best of our knowledge for the custom CSS3 and HTML5 we used, this system will go to serve Back2's needs for a good few years to come.

Ellis and Moore - Web design Company LondonU Ellis and Moore

Ellis and Moore Consulting Engineers have been our clients for over ten years and continue to come back to us for for all our services. This year we were proud to have been given another opportunity to build for Ellis and Moore a brand new, mobile responsive custom designed website. Ellis and Moore wanted to get away from a text […]

Certini Bicycle Company - Web design Company LondonU Certini Bicycle Company

Certini Bicycle Company was established in 2001, family run with over 25 years of cycle trade experience they have grown to be one of the largest independent bicycle suppliers in the UK.

Saud and Co. - Web design Company LondonU Saud and Co.

The website we created for them manages the cases and which allows approved creditors to access the case area providing them with up to date information and documents.

Achieva - Web design Company LondonU Achieva

When we were asked to build a website for this Norwegian company we faced a number of issues.

Dickens & Wedge - Web design Company LondonU Dickens & Wedge

Dickens & Wedge came to us over a decade ago when they started up as a plumbing and heating engineering company and have grown to be a large and established company since then.

How to Hire - Web design Company LondonU How to Hire

How to hire is a small company startup who are in the business of training corporate HR employees on how to interview prospective candidates.

Pro Active Rail - Web design Company LondonU Pro Active Rail

Pro Active Rail is a recruitment company with its main focus on providing staff to their clients primarily in the rail sector.

Aburi Composites - Web design Company LondonU Aburi Composites

Aburi Ltd. is a Dubai based trading company who are established in the oil and gas sector. Aburi Ltd. has secured the exclusive selling rights for “Lite Safe” LPG Composite Cylinders, internationally.

Emma Chapman - Web design Company LondonU Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman is an award winning jewellery designer who came to us for a brand new website via a client recommendation.

J & A Beare On-line Auctions - Web design Company LondonU J & A Beare On-line Auctions

We are very proud to have developed a custom auction platform for J & A Beare on-line auctions who are one of a very select few that deal in rare and expensive instruments.

Ellenell - Web design Company LondonU Ellenell

Ellenell has been established for over 25 years in the promotional gifts market and currently supplies companies across a broad spectrum including the public sector.

Reading Glasses eCommerce - Web design Company LondonU Reading Glasses eCommerce

Reading Glasses Direct is one of our own  eCommerce side projects. We built upon an initial relationship with our primary supplier who we did some web and graphic design work for over the years. They offered to drop ship products for us directly from their warehouse upon orders coming through the website which we initial […]

John & Arthur Beare - Web design Company LondonU John & Arthur Beare

In 2012 Beare’s set the world record for the most expensive violin with the sale of the ‘Vieuxtemps’ del Gesù for over $16 million.

QRI Consulting - Web design Company LondonU QRI Consulting

They have a very high profile set of clients include Bentley, Audi, Esso, Lotus, Nokia, Philips, GlaxoSmithKline, Versace, Royal Mail and many many more!

Melanie’s - Web design Company LondonU Melanie’s

By using the freshest ingredients available, we developed a responsive web design with a rich flavour and smooth texture on an iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and PC.

Anoushka G - Web design Company LondonU Anoushka G

Anoushka G are a long-established loving husband and wife team, whose stylish Wedding Dresses and Evening Wear are stocked by prestigious suppliers around the world.

Alphagen - Web design Company LondonU Alphagen

Alphagen's marketing department approached us with an urgent need to to re-vamp their existing website.

Global Education Logistics - Web design Company LondonU Global Education Logistics

Our client was looking for a new website aimed at prospective clients looking to recruit teachers in locations around the world.

Indulgence Hair & Beauty - Web design Company LondonU Indulgence Hair & Beauty

Once again we were chosen for this project by clients who wanted to work with a local London specialist and we are very close to Indulgence.

Imagey - Web design Company LondonU Imagey

Being a design orientated company themselves, Imagey required something high end and striking in terms of the web design.

Buy Flooring Online - Web design Company LondonU Buy Flooring Online

The look and style of the site would require the client to be able to offer branded products from individual manufacturers whilst maintaining their own brand identity and keeping the products true to their original suppliers own branding.

Stockline Ltd. - Web design Company LondonU Stockline Ltd.

Stockline Ltd. is a building and maintenance company based in London. The difficulty with our brief for this website was to showcase what Stockline do without affecting their image.

Caffe Fratelli - Web design Company LondonU Caffe Fratelli

This was an interesting project for us. We initially built Fratelli’s website about five years ago and then a redesign a few years later to reflect how the business had expanded. We were then approached again to help design some print and exhibition work for them to reflect their branding. The branding of the Caffé […]

Storksen - Web design Company LondonU Storksen

These clients chose us for their project as they preferred a local company to deal with. They requested branding, shop front design, marketing material and a content managed website which would be supported on all mobile and tablet devices.

Real Estates WSP - Web design Company LondonU Real Estates WSP

Our ongoing client relationship with Real Estates has delivered for them a host of new websites over the years. Having a realistic approach to creating a new website every few years keeps the site looking current and fresh.

LED Connection - Web design Company LondonU LED Connection

Our brief was to provide a simple but effective showcase for the individual stock items which would function as a catalogue also.

Transeuropean - Web design Company LondonU Transeuropean

Our job was to re-design and develop the existing site with an easy to use content management platform to aid the company in listing their new vehicles quickly and with maximum impact.

Andy Whitmore - Web design Company LondonU Andy Whitmore

Andy was the first to admit that his expertise lay in making hit singles for people like Peter Andre rather than knowing a great deal about search engine optimisation or being particularly web-savvy.

The Branding Team - Web design Company LondonU The Branding Team

The Branding Team is a company dedicated in producing promotional goods for their clients. A recent push in their marketing strategy required that they develop one dedicated website for each of their core products

Urban Crazy golf - Web design Company LondonU Urban Crazy golf

The brief was quite straightforward, unlike many of the mini-golf courses we saw. The client had provided the designs prepared by a different agency so we were in charge of the technical implementation.

Yelena Smirnova - Web design Company LondonU Yelena Smirnova

The website to showcase Yelena’s work needed to be minimalist in approach and simple to update with the ability to create custom galleries when required and to update them in a simple fashion.

Schuco International - Web design Company LondonU Schuco International

After helping with a small project for the Schuco team (Regen PRP), we were invited to help launch their latest major e-commerce website.

Plan my Asian Wed - Web design Company LondonU Plan my Asian Wed

The site was built using a Yii framework as it was a totally bespoke development. The site acts as a wedding services portal pointing to a number of different suppliers to the Asian wedding market.

North South Records - Web design Company LondonU North South Records

A very simple look to this site which reflected our need to concentrate on the Vinyl Records this company specializes in, with a plain background to push the often classic designs of the records to the fore.

Glenlyn Hotel - Web design Company LondonU Glenlyn Hotel

This is the 3rd time we have redesigned the Glenlyn Hotel website, and the client was extremely pleased with the end result.

Kimko scarves - Web design Company LondonU Kimko scarves

The brief for this project was to provide a reference point for Kimko’s existing clients and a catalogue to showcase their products to new customers.

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