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After many months of work on our very own responsive website we were very proud to announce the launch to all our customers last week. It took a long time as we tried to fit this in-between client work, which thankfully does not dry up much these days. Building your own responsive website when you are a web design company is like the mechanic who drives about in an old and battered car that is for ever being scheduled to be fixed up, but never does.

Finally, the end of July 2015 was marked by the launch of what is now our 7th website in sixteen years, which averages out at a new website every two years, not bad really, considering. We hope you will agree with us that the waiting time was well worth it and the final result shows that all good things, like cheese cannot be rushed.

Having a new website updated or rebuilt from time to time will keep it up there in the search engines and the user experience should be improved and moved along with the times as often as possible. Web technology as you would be well aware of is something that is speeding ahead and changing from month to month with new standards created not only to support new platforms and gadgets that seem to be appearing with lightning speed, but also for the user’s perspective, giving them a fresh and new look when they re-visit to help retain their custom. A user that can see your website is updated regularly and keeping with the design trends will stand a far better chance of returning to your all new responsive website than one that is out of date and looking tired. Please send us your design brief or functional specification for a no obligation proposal or fill in the client worksheet


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